Beginning in 1959 with the release of Tifway 419, The University of Georgia Tif-Hybrid series bermudagrass varieties set the bar for homes lawns, golf courses and athletic field playing surfaces around the world. Now the best has gotten better.

TifGrand® (PP21017) is the world’s first seed and pollen sterile (triploid hybrid) Bermudagrass scientifically developed to produce a superior turf cover in full sun and to thrive in limited light environments.

  • Thrives in 60-70% continuous shade (approximately 5 hours direct sun)
  • Superior quality in full sun
  • Semi-dwarf nature with naturally dark green blade
  • Produces a dense turf with vertical blade orientation
  • Significantly reduced fertilizer (N) requirement
  • Reduced water requirement
  • Increased cold tolerance
  • Spreads by stolons and rhizomes
  • Tawny-mole cricket non-preference
  • Only produced by license Certified Producers

UGADeveloped By Dr. Wayne Hanna and Dr. Kris Braman and the University of Georgia's world renowned turfgrass breeding program.

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