Becoming a Licensed Producer of TifGrand

Once a turfgrass producer has made the decision to grow TifGrand Certified Bermuda, they simply contact The Turfgrass Group, Inc. and apply for licensing. Unlike our competition, our production licenses are limited by number of producers in each state and by geography within the individual states. This is for the purpose of protecting our licensees, their target sales territory, their profit margin/price point and the exclusivity of the TifGrand brand.

Like all of The Turfgrass Group varieties, TifGrand can only be produced as a Certified turfgrass, adhering to each State Crop Improvement Associations regulations. This third party oversight requirement is in place to ensure that established production procedures are adhered to for the purpose of maintaining the genetic integrity of the variety. Once The Turfgrass Group has licensed the producer, his/her Crop Improvement Association office is contacted and informed of their entry into the TifGrand production program. The farm must then apply for certification.

Once licensed by The Turfgrass Group, you become a member of a trusted network of progressive farmers committed to both genetic purity and environmental resource management.

Bill Carraway
Vice President of Marketing & Licensing
Office: (770) 207-1500
Facsimile: (770) 207-6019

Glenn Quattlebaum
Sales Representative
Office: (803) 473-7021
Facsimile: (803) 473-8003

Ensuring turfgrass quality with Certification & Protecting the consumer

Purpose: To provide assurance that turfgrass sod and sprigs are true to variety name and free from noxious weeds or offtype plants.

Agency: Each state has a crop improvement association or division of state government which establishes standards, procedures and labels for Certified turfgrass. The standards and procedures require regular field inspections to identify the variety and undesirable plants and whether there are other turfgrass varieties or weeds. Some agencies also carry out routine sample grow-outs as part of the field inspection program. Only sod and sprigs harvested from fields which meet the strict inspection standards can be officially identified with a blue Certified turgrass label.

Labels: The Certification label is usually a certificate attached to the shipper's bill of lading or invoice. It will be blue or have a blue portion listing variety name, quantity, harvest date, field location, etc. The blue Certification label completes the certification process and should be required by the purchaser whenever Certified sod or sprigs are delivered.


Are there other types of turfgrass certification? Most departments of agriculture regulate turfgrass sales by making general farm inspections to identify severe weed, insect and disease infestations. Neither varietal name nor genetic purity is usually questioned by department of agriculture inspectors, however, most departments of agriculture also use the term "certification" to give fitness for sale. In contrast, genetic Certification as conducted by each state's certifying agency, specifically addresses:

  1. Correct variety name
  2. Absence of noxious weeds, and
  3. Absence of offtype plants, mixtures or other undesirable plants.

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