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Please note that this is the only authorized and acceptable logo to be used in association with TifGrand®. No alterations of any kind can be made to it and no other representation, graphic or text, can be used in association with TifGrand® (PP21017).

The word "TifGrand" is in the registration process and must always be used with the superscript TM symbol - ®. The patent application was approved 25 May 2010. Please show as TifGrand®(PP21017) in all uses.

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The hybridization and release of TifGrand® (PP21017) by Dr. Wayne Hanna and Dr. Kris Braman at the University of Georgia has taken over a decade. It was originally trialled and evaluated as ST-5 and Tift No. 4 and the patent application, the early trials and early publications will refer to these names. When this outstanding turfgrass was finally released it was with the commercial name TifGrand® (PP21017).

This name is in the registration process and must always use the ® sign. As soon as the process is completed, we will advise you to use the ® sign. The patent application for the cultivar was approved 25 May 2010: The name should now always be shown as TifGrand® (PP21017).

The approved logo in various formats can be downloaded here. This is the only logo to be used when referring to TifGrand® (PP21017) and may not be altered in any way.

As one of the ways to protect your investment in TifGrand® (PP21017) all licensed growers are asked to use a label on every invoice setting forth the patent and the prohibition of unlicensed propagation. That label is here.

Marketing by The Turfgrass Group, Inc. is intense, widespread and continuous, addressed to professionals and professional associations across the country at the national, regional, state and sometimes even local levels.

The current marketing being distributed is here.

The next round of scheduled marketing is here.

Some of the groups we contact include:

  • golf course superintendents and owners
  • sports field managers
  • park & recreation managers
  • golf course and sports field architects and builders
  • landscape architects
  • landscape and turfgrass maintenance professionals
  • general horticultural associations
  • country extension agents
  • crop and seed certifying agencies
  • university turfgrass researchers
  • turfgrass growers and their associations

Media include print advertising, direct mail, press releases, articles, e-mail campaigns, trade show exhibits, web sites and participation in online forums.

The Turfgrass Group offers all marketing designs to licensed growers for their own marketing purposes at no charge. There are hundreds of photographs available. Check the links below for a full listing. If there is something specific that you need but you cannot find on this website, please contact us and we will try to locate it.

TifGrand® (PP21017) is now licensed in China to Sino-Green Turf Co., Ltd. To see some of the marketing they are using over there, click here.

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