TifGrand® (PP21017) is the world's first seed and pollen sterile (triploid hybrid) Bermudagrass scientifically developed to thrive in 60-70% continuous shade. This means TifGrand requires approximately five hours of direct sun.

UGADeveloped By Dr. Wayne Hanna and Dr. Kris Braman and the University of Georgia's world renowned turfgrass breeding program, TifGrand® (PP21017) is the result of more than 28,000 hybrid crosses and more than a decade of trials and evaluations.

The original patent application is perhaps the best summary: the patent application for TifGrand® (PP21017) is here.

One of the primary evaluations was conducted by the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program: that study is right here.

Trials and evaluations are ongoing.

One of the most recent university shade tolerance studies was conducted at Clemson University and in this trial, like many others, TifGrand® (PP21017) outscored the competition, including Celebration common bermudagrass, by a wide margin.

For the full Clemson study results and a discussion of them click here.

To see our ad with the full results of the study click here.

Bermudagrass is the most widely used turfgrass on athletic fields. The University of Tennessee recently completed a wear tolerance trial comparing TifGrand® (PP21017), TifSport, Tifway and other varieties. This two year study concluded "When trafficked, ... the overseeded experimental variety ST-5 (note:now marketed as TifGrand® PP21017) had the greatest overall turfgrass quality and cover."

For the full U. Tennessee study click here. Right click and select "Save As" to save the PDF.

A 2-year study was conducted evaluating the traffic tolerance of five experimental and three commercially available (TifGrand, Tifway and TifSport) hybrid bermudagrasses. Simulated traffic tolerance using the Cady traffic simulator (CTS) was quantified using measurements of turfgrass cover with digital image analysis (DIA). TifGrand and two experimental bermudagrasses yielded turfgrass cover values greater than or equal to Tifway, in all rating dates each year. Click here to read the complete Evaluation of Bermudagrasses under Simulated Athletic Field Traffic study.

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